The Cost of Corruption

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Talk about a fast-moving storm. For about five minutes, it seems in retrospect, America was up in arms in January over what look like a bought and paid for US Congress.

Republican congressman Duke Cunningham was headed for jail, with his yacht and his dirty millions. Super-lobbyist and Republican hot shot Jack Abramoff was pleading guilty to fraud, tax evasion, and conspiracy to bribe public officials with lavish trips, skybox suck-ups and cash.

The GOP promised a clean-up. Then came the Dubai ports deal and more Iraq trouble. Capitol corruption fell out of the headlines. Reform talk shrank, too.

Hear a conversation with Louise Slaughter, the ranking Democrat of the powerful House Rules Committee, about her report detailing the true cost of the GOP lobbying scandal.


Gail Chaddock, Congressional Correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor

Rep. Louise M. Slaughter, Democratic Congresswoman for New York's 28th District and Ranking Minority Member of the House Rules Committee

This program aired on March 21, 2006.


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