Israel's Election Results

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Late last year, then Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon handed his country a political earthquake with the creation of a new centrist party, Kadima, dedicated to a withdrawal from the occupied West Bank and to fixed borders, imposed unilaterally if necessary, against the Palestinians.

Then Sharon slipped into a coma, and the Palestinians elected Hamas — considered a terrorist organization by Israel, the US and Europe.

Yesterday, Sharon's dream — his new Kadima party — was affirmed in Israeli general elections. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert promised those "final borders." And Hamas confirmed its own new government.

Hear about the Israeli elections results and the future of Israeli-Palestinian relations.


Michael Matza, Middle East Reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer and Knight-Ridder Newspapers

Gidi Grinstein,
Former Israeli peace negotiator & President of the Re'ut Institute

Diana Buttu, Former member of the Palestinian negotiating team for the Camp David and Taba talks

Christopher Dickey, Middle East Regional Editor and Paris Correspondent for Newsweek.

This program aired on March 29, 2006.


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