Early Risers

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This coming Sunday is Daylight Savings Time. "Spring ahead." Everybody up an hour earlier, no matter what the clocks say. But the fact is, Americans are way ahead of the clock this year — getting "up and at 'em" earlier and earlier in the pre-dawn morning.

A 24/7 global economy, more competition, longer commutes, and a desperate search for time has alarm clocks ringing at sunrise and long before all over the country.

Trains are running earlier. Stores are opening earlier. Lives are gearing up before the sun. It may be the biggest dawn patrol since the typical American was still feeding chickens and milking cows.

Hear about the 24/7 American life, moving to the crack of dawn.


John Jurgensen, Wall Street Journal Reporter

Jonathan Klein, President of CNN

Peter Whybrow, Professor of Psyciatry at UCLA and author of "American Mania: Why More is Not Enough"

Chris Oberbeck, Managing Director at Saratoga Partners, a NY-based private equity firm

Jeff Greene, founder and president of Greene Classic Limousines in Atlanta, GA

This program aired on March 31, 2006.


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