John Dean on Censuring Bush

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It's going nowhere at the moment. Less than a handful of Democratic senators have stepped up to join Wisconsin's Russ Feingold call to censure the president for warrantless wiretapping in America.

Republicans love to talk about it, mainly to beat up on Democrats as disloyal to the commander in chief. And yet, there is a hard kernel here of concern - over law, and the balance of powers, and the power of the presidency - that doesn't go away.

In Senate hearings Friday, the shadow of Watergate was back, in testimony of John Dean. A top Reagan attorney blasted Bush. And a top Clinton attorney defended the president. They're all with us today.

Hear the case for and the case against, censuring George W. Bush.


Gail Chaddock, covers Congress for The Christian Science Monitor

John Dean, White House Counsel to President Richard Nixon & Author, "Worse than Watergate"

John Schmidt, Associate Attorney General of the United States in the Clinton Administration

Bruce Fein, General Counsel for the FCC under Ronald Reagan.

This program aired on April 3, 2006.


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