damali ayo: How to Rent a Negro

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Black satirist and conceptual artist damali ayo kicked it off hot a few years ago with her rage-in-cheek web site "rent-a"

Slavery's been gone for years, she said, but white Americans still need black Americans, for answers to racial questions, for politically correct companionship, for cool, and don't know how to get them. It's easy, said the Portland, Oregon satirist. Rent them!

Now she's been touring the country with her book How to Rent a Negro and raising all sorts of awkward issues about how color lines still trip up Americans today. She's outrageous. She's funny. She's on to something.

This hour On Point: How to rent a negro, with satirist damali ayo.

(Photo: Basil Childers)


damali ayo, conceptual artist and satirist

This program aired on May 10, 2006.


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