Is America Losing its Luster?

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One look at the headlines these days makes you wonder where America's hyperpower went. The U.S. can't wrap up Iraq and Afghanistan; can't rein in Iran; can't make China trade straight; can't tamp down Venezuela or Bolivia; can't even, it seems, control its own borders.

Only yesterday the world, and especially George Bush's Washington, seemed enthralled with American superpower. Like nothing in history, we were told. A "hyperpower." And neoconservatives in particular were ready to use it.

Now, the mighty U.S. giant can look mighty pale. Like a paper tiger some days. Toothless.

Hear about what's happened to America's power in the world, and where it's gone.


Anatol Lieven, senior fellow at The New America Foundation

James Hoge, editor of Foreign Affairs magazine

David Kennedy, professor of history at Stanford University.

This program aired on May 15, 2006.


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