Sweet and Low

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Rich Cohen's grandfather, Ben, stood up out of the teeming masses of Brooklyn, New York and founded the company that makes Sweet'N Low - the sugar substitute in the little pink packets. He made millions and built a fortune.

When that fortune got passed on, Rich Cohen and all his wing of the family — mother, father, sister, brother — were cut completely out of the will. Disinherited - one hundred percent.

Now, Cohen — a writer for Rolling Stone — is telling the story, of his disinheritance and the dirty family laundry behind it, with a savage glee. Revenge is all he's likely to ever get, and here it is.

Hear about sugar, Brooklyn, disinheritance and revenge - in the story of Sweet'N Low.


Rich Cohen, author of "Sweet and Low."

This program aired on May 16, 2006.


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