Nicolas de Torrente

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Some days the rain of tsunami, war, plague and quake can seem like Biblical overkill. And still, wherever roofs fall in and villages burn, where hungry children cry and families flee in the night, the world's non-governmental humanitarian agencies are poised to move in.

But it's a tough world out there. The challenges of delivering relief — in Darfur, in the Congo, in Afghanistan and Iraq — have never been higher. And now, as assertive armies reach out to impose political will and win hearts and minds, the line between power projection and humanitarian aid can blur.

Hear a conversation with Nicolas de Torrente, the head of Doctors Without Borders USA, one of the toughest relief groups, on what it takes to save lives today.


Nicolas de Torrente, Executive Director of Doctors Without Borders, USA.

This program aired on June 7, 2006.


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