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There were big, intersecting lines of war and politics in Washington this week. Bush went in and out of Baghdad. Karl Rove got out of legal jeopardy, off the grand jury's leash, and back in the thick of political framing. Congress started debating Iraq but is staring at the November elections.

Republicans are betting they can line voters up at the polls once more with a call to stay the course and a "cut and run" attack on the Democrats. Dems, struggling to stand tall and critique a war gone badly wrong. Everyone trying to figure out where you stand on the matter — whether the country's heart and mind and votes are still in it.

Hear top analysts on a week of war and politics from Baghdad to Washington to Guantanemo.


Jonathan Alter, senior editor and columnist for Newsweek magazine, and author of the new book "The Defining Moment: FDR's Hundred Days and the Triumph of Hope"

William McKenzie, editorial columnist for The Dallas Morning News

Jack Beatty, On Point News Analyst
and Senior Editor of The Atlantic Monthly.

This program aired on June 16, 2006.


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