Hezbollah Rising

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photoHezbollah's popularity in war-torn Lebanon has only grown since the fighting with Israel stopped. On the last day of the bombing campaign, Hezbollah sent an impressive 246 rockets over the border. By the next day, its relief effort was in full force.

Flush with volunteers and Iranian money, Hezbollah took charge of the rebuilding effort, leaving aid organizations and the Lebanese government on the sidelines, bolstering Iran's hold on Southern Lebanon, and putting Israel on high alert.

Hear about Hezbollah's triumph after the fighting stopped.

--- Quotes From the Show ---

"Hezbollah is a master at public relations." Borzou Daragahi

"Hezbollah's been distributing 12 thousand dollars in cash to each household whose house was destroyed. Everyone's been surprised by the scale of their response." Rob Mosrie

"The [Lebanese] people are quick to distinguish the American people and the American organizations from the US government." Rob Mosrie

"As people of Lebanon start looking carefully at the future, they will start questioning the existence of an independent armed organization that can take their whole country to war. Hezbollah may have made a tactical error [by starting the conflict with Israel]." Edward Walker

"Israel has to come around to the idea that a military solution is not the answer." Karim Makdisi


Borzou Daragahi, foreign correspondent, Los Angeles Times

Rob Mosrie, country director in Lebanon for American Near East Refugee Aid, which has worked with Americares to distribute $7 million in meals and medical supplies to Southern Lebanon since the fighting began.

Edward Walker, former deputy assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs and current President of the Middle East Institute, a Washington-based think tank.

Karim Makdisi, professor of international relations at the American University in Beirut, Lebanon.

This program aired on August 28, 2006.


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