Color and Corporate Power

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America's come a long way on race and color assumptions in the last fifty years, but you wouldn't know it from the color of top management at the Fortune 500. In corporate executive suites and even in middle management, the color of money and power is still overwhelmingly white.

But the country's population and markets keep changing toward more and more diversity. Now, a new generation of minority aspirants to corporate power is setting its sights on the corner office. They're frank, they're open about race, and they're ambitious. They're finding new gurus, and new strategies to mix it up with their white colleagues.

Hear about career strategies and the color of power in corporate America.

Quotes from the Show:

"In the Fortune 500 companies, there are no Hispanic CEOs, 11 women CEOs and 7 African -American CEOs." Kenneth Arroyo Roldan

"Don't play the race card; learn the game..." Kenneth Arroyo Roldan

"Park your ego at the door." Kenneth Arroyo Roldan


Kenneth Arroyo Roldan, author of "Minority Rules: Turn Your Ethnicity Into A Competitive Edge" and CEO of Wesley, Brown and Bartle Co., Inc., an executive search firm focused on placing minority executives

Nandi Shareef, a Hampton University MBA student.

Neal Sharma, CEO and founder of Digital Evolution Group.

Noak Jackson, FedEx account executive.

This program aired on September 26, 2006.


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