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Novelist, satirist, blogger, and sometime rocker Neal Pollack never put "daddy-hood" at the top of his Gen X priority list. He was a hipster, a late night guy who liked the rough side, a literary player, an author-provocateur, a committed citizen of counter-culture, alternative-culture, and anything but the paycheck mainstream.

Then came love and marriage — and the baby — little Elijah, who needed diapers and burping and silly songs and a lot of things that weren't on the Pollack's alt-culture playlist.

And the crunch began — the hipster lifestyle versus parenthood on the economy's unforgiving edge.

This hour On Point: Neal Pollack and his new memoir, "Alternadad."

Quotes from the Show:

"It is hard to be a middle-class parent in this country right now. Health insurance is hard to come by; affordable decent housing is hard to come by; it's sometimes hard to find decent preschools for your kids. ...So the book is in part a story about hipster parent subculture, but it's a lot about just an ordinary family trying to get by." Neal Pollack

"I wasn't really reluctant for the responsibility, the diapers or the sort of day-to-day workings of a parent. What I didn't want to give up was the sort of cultural trappings of my life before having a kid — the music, the movies, the video games, the pop-culture that I'd been immersed in since I was a kid, especially because it seemed to me a lot of the culture available to parents and kids was just lame." Neal Pollack

"There's no reluctance to surrender to the child — this generation of parents is as responsible and caring as any other generation of parents — but I think there is a reluctance to submerge yourself in child obsessiveness. I think that there's a reaction ongoing to the completely child-centric culture of the 80s and 90s and there's a sort of 'do it yourself' aspect to parenting culture right now." Neal Pollack


Neal Pollack, author of the memoir "Alternadad."

Jill Hudson Neal, Fashion and Desion Editor for Washington Post Sunday Magazine and columnist for the "Still Me: The Cool Mom's Guide to Staying Hip" online column.

This program aired on January 17, 2007.


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