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Fortune Magazine is out with its annual list of the 100 best American companies to work for. If you don't work for them, read it and weep.

A few of the perks for the toiling masses at number one-ranked Google? Free gourmet food all the time, all over the company "campus." At work at Google you can do your laundry, drop off your dry cleaning, have your car washed, work out in the gym, get a massage, study Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish, French. Ask a personal concierge to arrange dinner reservations. Check in with five on-site doctors. Hit the lap pool. Take a free ski trip. And of course, there's foosball.

This hour On Point: America's best employers, and what really matters at work now.


Lee Clifford, assistant managing editor at Fortune, spearheaded the "The 100 Best Companies to Work For";
Edward Lawler, Director, Center for Effective Organizations and professor of business at University of Southern California Marshall School of Business. He's co-author of "The New American Workplace";
Sue Shellenbarger, writes the "Work & Family" column for the Wall Street Journal

This program aired on January 19, 2007.


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