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"Green building" is becoming increasingly popular in home and commercial building construction. Buildings in this country are energy hogs, consuming more energy than cars and trucks by a two to one margin.

Many Americans associate "green construction" with higher prices and inconvenience. But the cost of environmentally-friendly technology — such as energy-efficient heating and cooling, solar panels or better insulation — has dropped. And there are more tax credits for building green, too.

We've been here before: after the oil shock of the 70s. Everyone seemed to be going green then — but that was short-lived. This Hour On Point: the green building boom. ... is it here to stay?


Jim Motavalli, editor of E, the Environmental Magazine

G.Z. Brown, professor of architecture at the University of Oregon in Eugene, energy expert and director of the Energy Studies in Buildings lab

Ray Tonjes, a green home builder in Austin, Texas

Amy Tighe, real estate agent for a green condominium development in Cambridge, Massachusetts

This program aired on February 19, 2007.


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