The Press on Iran

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Imagine you're the reporter. In a dusty field near the Baghdad airport. Surrounded by hundreds of components for making deadly roadside bombs. The US military has laid them out for your inspection. And the whole exercise is pointing the finger of blame at Iran.

It's the third time in two weeks. You know that war drums are beating in Washington. You know the US and Iran could to war, and this could be cited as the reason. But you — and the world - also remember Colin Powell's briefing on alleged Iraqi WMD that proved to be smoke. Not an easy situation.

Last time, the US press muffed it. Got spun. What about now? Is the US media is getting it right this time?


Kristina Borjesson, an award winning investigative journalist. She is editor of the new book "Feet to the Fire: The Media After 9/11." John R. MacArthur, president and publisher of Harpers Magazine and author of "Second Front: Censorship and Propaganda in the Gulf War."

David Albright, president, Institute for Science and International Security and former United Nations weapons inspector.

Byron Calame, Public Editor for the New York Times since May 2005.

Michael Gordon, military correspondent for the New York Times

This program aired on February 27, 2007.


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