Crazy Bosses

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There are good bosses, and then there are bad bosses. Not just bad, says business humorist Stanley Bing, but crazy bad — "Crazy Bosses," as the Fortune magazine columnist calls his new book.

They come in many flavors, he says. The Bully. The Paranoid. The Narcissist. The Wimp. Often, all rolled up in one high-paid, nasty package.

It may just be, says Bing, that our new, high-tilt economy is breeding pathology in the corner office, a contagion of kookiness, a fusion of flip-outs.

This hour On Point: bad boy business guru Stanley Bing talks about Crazy Bosses.

Quotes from the Show:

"All things that little children do, you will see in a crazy boss. ... It's really an issue of controlling the world for them." Stanley Bing

"Wimps can be extremely frustrating to work with when you want to get something done." Stanley Bing

"One of the great disaster hunters of all time was Bill Clinton." Stanley Bing

"I would far prefer that yelling crazy boss than the undercutting, undermining micro-managing boss." Listener from Baltimore, Md.


Stanley Bing, Fortune magazine columnist and author of the new book, "Crazy Bosses."

This program aired on May 3, 2007.


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