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When it comes to jobs for new college graduates, the Class of '07 is in fat city. Plenty of jobs, say reports from all over, with freshly-minted engineers grabbing fifty and sixty thousand dollar starting pay.

But beyond the job market, it's a wild world new grads face out there — war, global warming, shooters on campus, terrorists looking to attack Fort Dix, a global economy that can turn on you in a hurry, superpower uncertainty. So how do they see it?

This hour On Point: new grads from the Class of '07 speak out on the world they are about to inherit.

Quotes from the Show:

"While our generation and our class faces insurmountable adversities, so many things happening in the world, I feel that every class, every generation has to deal with such things, and it's how you deal with those things that really proves what kind of class, what kind of generation you are." Nathan Meeks

"I feel very lucky that I was able to go a university that I was proud to be part of and get a degree in something I absolutely love to do. I feel lucky to go out in the work world and share my talents and just be an integral part of today's society." Joelle Kline

"I think that our generation is sort of coming off the Internet revolution. We've grown up with this kind of high technology, and I think this country and this world is ready for some major changes in the next century. So I feel very lucky that I'm going to be a part of that." Harry Khanna


Harry Khanna. He will graduate from University of California — San Diego on June 17th with a degree in bio-engineering and will attend Johns Hopkins University for a master's in Bio-Medical Engineering.;
Joelle Kline. She just graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Mass Communications and Public Relations. She is waiting to hear on two potential jobs in Des Moines.;
Nathan Meeks. He will graduate from Emory University on May 14 with a degree in Finance and Spanish. He received a Fulbright Scholarship and will go to Mexico for a year to work in business.

This program aired on May 9, 2007.


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