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The bottom line of the big new intelligence report on current terror threats to the United States is not one you likely wished for.

Nearly six years after 9.11, the country is said to be facing a "persistent and evolving" terrorist threat that has regrouped and rebuilt and refocused on attacking the US. Al Qaeda is back in business on the Afghan-Pakistani border. The Iraq War, it says, has poured new recruits into the fray.

The White House says this is a good reason to stay the course. Critics say it's an indictment of the fundamental Bush strategy.

This hour On Point: Al Qaeda unresolved, and what next.


Mark Thompson, Washington Deputy Bureau Chief for TIME magazine.;
Daniel Byman, Director of Georgetown's Security Studies Program and Center for Peace and Security Studies.;
Richard Clarke, lecturer at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government and chairman of Good Harbor Consulting. He served the last three US presidents as a senior White House advisor.;
Peter Bergen, senior fellow at the New America Foundation in Washington D.C., CNN's terrorism analyst, and author of "The Osama bin Laden I Know."

This program aired on July 18, 2007.


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