Saving Myanmar's Tigers

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He's been called "the Indiana Jones of conservation." Alan Rabinowitz, a wildlife biologist and big-cat expert, has traveled the world from Belize to Borneo, Thailand to Laos, and risked his life to save jaguars, clouded leopards, and tigers.

Now, in Myanmar, he's established the world's largest tiger preserve, in an effort to save the world's dwindling tiger population. But it was no walk in the park. He had to gain the trust of the military junta, negotiate with native tribes and an insurgent group.

This hour, On Point: Man and tiger in Myanmar's Hukawng Valley.
-James Hattori


Alan Rabinowitz, Executive Director of the Science and Exploration Division for the Wildlife Conservation Society and author of, "Life in the Valley of Death: The Fight to Save Tigers in a Land of Guns, Gold, and Greed."

This program aired on December 18, 2007.


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