Hillary Clinton's Big Night

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At 8:30 last night, Barack Obama, in San Antonio, called John McCain, in Dallas, to congratulate the man who last night clinched the GOP nomination, to say he looked forward to running against him. And maybe Obama will.

But up in Columbus, Ohio, one Hillary Clinton was preparing a speech of her own. Before the night was over, she had won primaries in Ohio and Texas and Rhode Island, and was telling cheering supporters she would battle on and win.

This hour, On Point: This isn't over. Clinton has her day. McCain takes the GOP prize. And the Democrats go to the trenches.Guests:

Chuck Todd, political director for NBC News.

Gebe Martinez, political contributor and columnist for

Jonathan Kaufman, political editor for The Wall Street Journal.

Eleanor Clift, contributing editor for Newsweek.

Matt Continetti, associate editor at The Weekly Standard.

This program aired on March 5, 2008.


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