A History of Hamburgers

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America has a love affair with hamburgers. From the first ones served up at White Castle in Kansas to those Golden Arches and your backyard grill, the burger has worked its way into America's stomachs and hearts.

Its transformation from German hamburger steak to an American icon is a delicious story, and has more twists and turns than you could ever pile onto a bun. Get your napkin ready because we're going to take a big bite.

This hour, On Point: the history of the hamburger.Guests:

Josh Ozersky, online food editor for New York Magazine and author of the new book "The Hamburger: A History."

James McNair, author of 41 cookbooks and head judge for "Build a Better Burger."

Michael Schlow, head chef and owner of Radius restaurant in Boston, he won the 2008 Rachael Ray South Beach "Burger Bash."

This program aired on March 27, 2008.


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