Listening to Rev. Wright

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"He does not speak for me," says Barack Obama, of his former Chicago pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright. But Jeremiah Wright keeps speaking anyway.

After weeks of lying low, in the past week Rev. Wright has been all over: with Bill Moyers Friday night, preaching in Dallas and speaking before the NAACP on Sunday, taking questions at the National Press Club in Washington yesterday.

Wright says he is defending the black church. Critics say he's undercutting the campaign of the first black American with a real shot at the White House.

This hour, On Point: listening to Rev. Wright.Guests:

Peter Nicholas, a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, he covered Jeremiah Wright's appearance at the National Press Club.

Jonathan Walton, an ordained minister, professor of religious studies at the University of California at Riverside, and author of the forthcoming book "Watch This! Televangelism and Black Popular Culture."

Bill Leonard, dean of the Divinity School and professor of church history at Wake Forest University.

This program aired on April 29, 2008.


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