A Tragic End to a Girl's Life

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On the face of it, at school, Acia Johnson was a miracle. The story we all dream of — long for — for the children of America's tough inner cities.

She was 14, all smiles, and — in spite of a tough life at home — Acia Johnson was on her way to better things. Straight A's. Big dreams. A responsible girl. Top athlete. High schools wanted her.

And eight weeks ago it all died. She died. In flames — alleged arson — with her little sister in her arms, in their own home.

Acia Johnson dreamed big, and a world of drugs and violence and crime pulled her down.

This hour, On Point: Fourteen, fighting hard — and now gone.Guests:

Keith O'Brien, reporter for The Boston Globe, he co-wrote the front-page article about Acia Johnson, "A Girl's Life," in last Sunday's paper.

Donovan Slack, City Hall Bureau Chief for The Boston Globe, she co-wrote "A Girl's Life."

Lex Mathews, principal of the Patrick F. Gavin Middle School in South Boston, where Acia Johnson was a student.

Angelo McClain, commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Social Services, where he took over last year.

This program aired on June 4, 2008.


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