2008 Election Archive (Oct. 2006 - June 2008)

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Reinventing the GOP
A new playbook for the GOP. Two big Republican thinkers say it's time to be less ideological, more practical. (June 24, 2008)

Vying for Vice President. Top Democratic and Republican strategists weigh in on what each candidate needs and the top contenders. (June 16, 2008)

Obama, McCain, and the Economy
As Obama and McCain square off over a troubled economy, we look at their economic plans, and what each might mean for America. (June 11, 2008)

The Race Behind, the Race Ahead
It's been the longest, hardest fought primary season in memory. With the last votes cast, in Montana and South Dakota, we look at where the Democrats stand, and where they're headed. (June 4, 2008)

The Democrats' Delegate Showdown
Democrats meet to deal with Florida and Michigan. We sit down with Rules Committee members who were at the table for the big Obama-Clinton face-off. (June 2, 2008)

Race, Class, and the Democrats
The nomination may be in sight for Barack Obama. But race and class unity in the Democratic Party is another question. We look at the Democrats after the Clinton-Obama battle. (May 21, 2008)

McCain's Campaign
While the Democrats battle, John McCain has been out of the spotlight but very much on the campaign trail. And saying plenty. We catch up with the McCain campaign. (May 14, 2008)

Democratic End-Game?
Indiana and North Carolina vote. Is there finally an end-game in sight for this Democratic nomination battle? We hear the arguments of Clinton and Obama superdelegates. (May 07, 2008)

Listening to Rev. Wright
Barack Obama's longtime minister, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, is speaking his mind. We listen, and hear your thoughts. (April 29, 2008)

After Pennsylvania: Now What?
After the bruising fight for Pennsylvania, we look ahead to the next battlegrounds, and ahead to November with top political watchers. (April 23, 2008)

Pennsylvania's Democratic Voters
On the eve of the Pennsylvania primary, we tap into the Keystone state of mind with Pennsylvania voters sharing their priorities. (April 21, 2008)

Democrats: Chill Out?
Democrats are fretting over their long, bloody road to a presidentialnomination. Bill Clinton says, "Chill out." Is he right? (April02, 2008)

Europe and the U.S. Election
The campaign for the White House this year has an avid, global audience — nowhere more so than Europe. We talk with European thinkers about the race for the American presidency. (March 31, 2008)

The Media and John McCain
John McCain's comeback to clinch the GOP nomination was an amazing ride. Was it also a "free ride" in the media, as a new book contends? We take a look. (March 25, 2008)

Obama's Speech on Race
Barack Obama has delivered his big speech on race in America. We dissect the message and the politics of a singular moment. (March 19, 2008)

Obama's Pastor and Race in America
The firestorm over Barack Obama's pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., raises tough questions about race, religion, and American politics. (March 18, 2008)

Florida, Michigan, and the Democrats
The Democrats' explosive, high-stakes battle over delegates from Florida and Michigan could decide the Democratic nomination. We dive in. (March 10, 2008)

Hillary Clinton's Big Night
Ohio and Texas speak. We look at what their message means for Clinton, Obama, and the race for the White House. (March 5, 2008)

Teddy Roosevelt and John McCain
John McCain loves Teddy Roosevelt, the original Republican war-hero maverick and progressive reformer. We look at McCain's campaign and the T.R. mystique. (March 3, 2008)

The Democrats: High Stakes in Ohio
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton met in Ohio for what could be the final debate of their historic primary contest — or the start of another bruising round. We listen and dissect. (February27, 2008)

Gender and the Clinton Campaign
No woman has come closer to the presidency than Hillary Clinton. Now, as she fights for her political life, we look at gender and the Clinton campaign. (February 26, 2008)

The Superdelegate Dilemma
We look at the Democrats' other horse race: the Clinton-Obama battlefor superdelegates, and what their votes may mean for the party. (February18, 2008)

McCain and the Conservatives
Conservative talk radio raged against John McCain — and John McCain is winning anyway. We ask what now for Rush Limbaugh's legions. (February 11, 2008)

Super Tuesday Fallout
With Super Tuesday behind us, we look at who's in, who's out, and all theresults of a huge day of voting. (February 06, 2008)

Super Tuesday Showdown
Pundits and pollsters have had their say. Now it's your turn to be heard. We'relistening. (February 05, 2008)

The Youth Vote in 2008
We talk to four 20-somethings about each party's youth vote in election '08 — who's firing them up, what they care about, and where they're headed. (February 4, 2008)

The GOP and Super Tuesday
Fresh out of Florida's vote, we look at the GOP's field of candidates now, and the Republican push to Super Tuesday. (January 30, 2008)

The Democrats' Race to Super Tuesday
With their South Carolina brawl behind them, it's all about February 5th now for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. We look at the Democrats' furious race to Super Tuesday. (January 28, 2008)

Bill Clinton's Campaign
Barack Obama says he can't tell which Clinton he's fighting: Hillary or Bill. We look at the unprecedented role of ex-president Bill Clinton on the campaign trail. (January 24, 2008)

South Carolina, Nevada, and Beyond
We hear from voices of Christian conservatism, organized labor, and Latinos about what they see in the '08 presidential campaign. (January 21, 2008)

The Political Road Ahead
We check out the big election news from Michigan and look at the hot road ahead as Campaign '08 hits Nevada and South Carolina. (January 16, 2008)

Race and the Presidential Election
Barack Obama's run for the White House was supposed to "transcend" race. That's been a big part of his appeal. Now, race is on the table. We ask why and where it takes this campaign. (January 15, 2008)

Tom Brokaw on Campaign Coverage
We talk with former NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw about how the media can get campaign coverage right. (January 14, 2008)

New Hampshire and Beyond
We look at the big comebacks in New Hampshire as the presidential campaign races into Michigan, Nevada, South Carolina, and beyond. (January 09, 2008)

New Hampshire Primary: The Republicans
Romney, McCain, Huckabee and more. We get inside the Republican battle for New Hampshire with top GOP analysts in the thick of the action. (January 08, 2008)


New Hampshire Primary: The Democrats
Democrats duke it out in New Hampshire. We'll go down to the wire with Clinton, Obama, Edwards and top analysts on the pulse of New Hampshire. (January 08, 2008)

Striking Late-Night Writers on Campaign '08
We look ahead to New Hampshire with striking late-night comedy writers from The Daily Show, Colbert Report, and more.(January 07, 2008)

Week in the News: After Iowa
Next stop, New Hampshire. We sort out the results from Iowa — and look ahead to the next contests in the race for president, in a special edition of our weekly news roundtable. (January 04, 2008)

Iowa Caucuses: The Republicans
As the Republicans battle for Iowa, GOP voters tell all on their caucus picks, and the party's big challenges in '08. (January 03, 2008)

Iowa Caucuses: The Democrats
We go deep on the Democratic contenders with top political watchers and our own roundtable of Iowa voters. (January 03, 2008)

Campaign 2008
You thought they'd never come, but the presidential primaries are here. We game out the ground wars, state by state --the must-wins, the Hail Marys, and the 11th hour push. (January 02, 2008)

John Edwards' Populist Appeal
We'll talk with presidential contender John Edwards about the race of his life, how he differs with Clinton and Obama, and the cornstalk populism he believes can still win Iowa. (December 19, 2007)

McCain Rising?
Senator John McCain sure looked presidential in 2000, but he's been an also-ran this time around. Now come two key endorsements and talk of new momentum. (December 18, 2007)

Huckabee Rising
It's beginning to look a lot like a Mike Huckabee moment. What does the remarkable rise of the Republican candidate really mean for the GOP? (December12, 2007)

The Gender Vote in 2008
Oprah stumps for Obama, and women's votes are up for grabs in the Democratic race. What role is gender playing in the '08 campaign? (December 10, 2007)

The GOP YouTube Debate
With no clear frontrunner, and with Iowa and New Hampshire just around the bend, the GOP race is hotter than ever. We look at the Republican candidates and the YouTube debate. (November 29, 2007)

Hillary Clinton's Campaign
The race tightens for Hillary Clinton. We look at her candidacy in the run-up to the primaries. (November 14, 2007)

What Makes Fred Thompson Run?
It's been a splashy week for Republican candidate Fred Thompson. But looking deeper, GOP voters still want to know what makes Fred run. We'll take a close look. (November 08, 2007)

Obama and America
We look at America's relationship with candidate Barack Obama. Whether or not he wins, do Republicans and Democrats need Obama in the presidential race? (November 06, 2007)

Defining Moment for Democrats?

The debate was billed as Barack Obama's stand and deliver moment. What it became was a Hillary Clinton pile-on. Can Obama, Edwards, and the other Democrats really take on Hillary? (October 31, 2007)

The Environment in 2008

Al Gore's Nobel Peace Prize sends a message on climate change but is the world
responding? We look at America's 2008 presidential contenders and how green they're
ready to go. (October 15, 2007)

Senator Sam Brownback
GOP presidential candidate Sam Brownback was supposed to be the Christian right's man. But he's gone nowhere, and the Christian right's still looking. We ask him why. (October 11, 2007)

Senator Chris Dodd
The U.S. senator and Democratic presidential candidate talks about family, politics, and his vision for the country. (October 04, 2007)

America, Taxes and Election 08
With recession in the air and the presidency at stake, we look at where taxes are heading in the '08 campaign. (September 24, 2007)

Hillary and Health Care
Hillary Clinton is out with her big, ambitious plan for universal health care. We'll look under the hood and ask how the debate has changed since her first time around. (September 18, 2007)

Are the Democrats Turning Left?
Bloggers, billionaires and the big fight for the Democratic Party's future — we talk with journalist Matt Bai about the state of progressive politics and what it all means for 2008. (August 21, 2007)

Rudy Giuliani and the South
Pro-choice, thrice married, anti-gun, presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani is winning the hearts and minds of conservative southern voters. We'll take a closer look. (August 15, 2007)

Senator Joe Biden
Why is a United States senator, with 30-plus years experience and a silver tongue, so far not the one to beat in the race for the president? We'll ask Joe Biden. (August 09, 2007)

The YouTube Election
The YouTube/CNN presidential debate puts cyber campaigning in the spotlight. We look at the role of technology and the Web in the super-wired race for the White House. (July 24, 2007)

Presidential Runner Mike Huckabee
Is the country ready to elect another president from a place called Hope? Former Arkansas Governor and Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee makes his case. (July 09, 2007)

GOP Presidential Candidate Ron Paul
We talk to Texas Republican Ron Paul. He's a less than long-shot Presidential contender, but he sure doesn't mince his words on the GOP stage. (June 21, 2007)

The Republicans Debate: Round 3
We roll the tape and see who's making headway in the GOP race for the White House. (June 06, 2007)

The Second Democratic Debate
We size up the Democrats' big debate that focused on Iraq and US security. (June 04, 2007)

Hillary Clinton
She's got brains, big money, and Bill. But it's a long way to November '08. We'll take the measure of the campaign for Hillary. (May 22, 2007)

Mitt Romney's Run
The GOP's Mitt Romney has outpaced Giuliani and McCain in fundraising but not in the polls. We look at the Romney campaign's hard push for the presidency. (May 14, 2007)

GOP Contender Rudy Giuliani
A look at the mercurial one-time mayor Rudy Giuliani who is tight with George Bush, OK either way on Roe, and leading the GOP. (May 07, 2007)

John McCain's Campaign
The press is calling it McCain's meltdown. It's been a tough stretch lately for the GOP's once-presumed presidential frontrunner. We talk about John McCain's new bid to find the old magic in the face of an ugly war. (April 12, 2007)

Early Primaries
States are jamming their primaries forward. We look at the whole-new campaign dynamic and the light-speed presidential election calendar. (April 10, 2007)

What's God Got to Do with America?
Evangelical power-broker Dr. Richard Land takes aim at conservative targets now and the '08 race for the White House. (April 09, 2007)

Republicans on the GOP
A new poll says Republicans are not happy with their presidential prospects or their politics. We talk with top GOP thinkers. (March 19, 2007)

John Edwards
We talk with former Senator John Edwards about why he's running for president again and his vision for America. (February 26, 2007)

Mitt Romney and Mormonism
The former Massachusetts governor is running for the GOPnomination for the presidency. We'll look at the political implicationsof his Mormon faith. (February 13, 2007)

African-Americans on Barack Obama
As Barack Obama formally announces for the presidency, we hand the microphone to African- Americans to ask how they read Obama. (February 12, 2007)

Obama: Presidential Contender
Barack Obama takes the first step in his presidential bid for 2008. We step back and look at the candidate and what his entry means for the field of contenders. (January 17, 2007)

Senator Barack Obama
Barack Obama, rising Democratic Party superstar, talks about war, hope, politics, and the "Obama effect." (October 27, 2006)

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