Adventures in Tea

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Image from the documentary All In This Tea.
Image from the documentary All In This Tea.

All the tea in China is a lot of tea.

But intrepid connoisseur tea man David Lee Hoffman wanted the best tea in China, and he went off in search of it — into the misty green tea mountains and markets of China with documentary filmmaker Les Blank at his side.

They came back with a story of Oolong and Camel's Breath, Drum Mountain and Dragon Well. And of how tea and nature meet — in the mouth, and mind, and Chinese lives.

This hour, On Point: Tea importer David Lee Hoffman, global tea guru James Norwood Pratt, and San Francisco tea maven Roy Fong, on all the tea in China.Guests:

David Lee Hoffman, tea importer and subject of the new documentary, "All In This Tea." (The website includes a trailer, background on the story, and information on screenings and how to order the DVD.)

James Norwood Pratt, leading expert on tea and author of "The Tea-Lover's Treasury."

Roy Fong, founder and proprietor of San Francisco's Imperial Tea Court. (The site features a monthly newsletter, "Tea Readings.")

This program aired on July 11, 2008.


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