Amartya Sen on Justice

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Nobel Prize-winning thinker Amartya Sen grew up well-off in an India where injustice was on everyday display. He’s been thinking about justice and injustice ever since. Not in one country, but the whole world.

Now, at 75, Sen is writing deeply on how to create justice — social justice — on a globalized planet.

A planet where no two cultures have just the same concept of justice.

A planet where long effort to build ideal institutions of justice have fallen painfully short.

This hour, On Point: A conversation with Amartya Sen, on the world we live in and the idea of justice.

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Amartya Sen joins us in our studio. He is a professor of economics and philosophy at Harvard University and winner of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Economics. A son of Bengal, he is a longtime champion of the disadvantaged. His new book is, a kind of great summation, is "The Idea of Justice." London’s Independent calls it "a monumental work."

This program aired on September 11, 2009.


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