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This article is more than 10 years old.
(Photo: michaelfranti.com)
(Photo: michaelfranti.com)

Rebel rocker Michael Franti has spent most of a lifetime as a musician activist with tough progressive politics and tough playlist titles like “Yell Fire!” and “Bomb the World.”

He’s been beloved on the tour circuit, and nowhere at the top of the charts.

The past year — and a sweet, danceable love song — have changed all that. He’s a YouTube sensation, and suddenly up there with Taylor Swift and Beyonce.

This hour, On Point: Michael Franti and the story of “Say Hey (I Love You)."

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Michael Franti joins us from San Francisco. His new album is “All Rebel Rockers,” featuring the hit single “Say Hey (I Love You)." An outspoken peace activist, he’s been making his unique socially conscious blend of hip-hop, reggae, funk, and rock — and much more — for more than two decades. He and his band, Spearhead, will be touring with John Mayer in 2010.

Here's the "Say Hey (I Love You)" video on YouTube:

And here's Michael in concert singing "East to the West," from the album "Yell Fire!":

This program aired on December 9, 2009.

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