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"Wired" on Wikileaks, Secrecy's Global Future

This article is more than 9 years old.

Our show today explored the Obama administration's tough stance on leaks to the press. We also looked at the complications of this issue in a globalized world. Kim Zetter of Wired magazine talked about the stateless whistleblower site Wikileaks.org. Host Tom Ashbrook asked her how it could affect the future of state secrecy.

Here's what Zetter said:

Well, there won't be any secrets. And I think that's the goal of Wikileaks: it's that they don't think that anything should be hidden. It's sort of the hacker's ethos, that information needs to be free. And that's kind of their tenet. As long as you have someone who's willing to leak information, it's pretty hard to stop this.

You can read her blog post about the recent high-profile case involving Wikileaks, and listen to some of her interview today:

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