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Chicago and Gun Control24:18

This article is more than 10 years old.

The Supreme Court extended gun rights. The city of Chicago is striking back. We’ll look at the national debate over the right to bear arms.

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley points to a .50-caliber assault weapon during a news conference in 2005, when he called on the state Legislature to adopt a wide range of gun control measures. (AP)

A brand new gun control law in Chicago this week.

Out with the old – a 28-year-old flat-out ban on handguns, made unenforceable by a Supreme Court ruling last month.  In with the new – a city ordinance allowing permit holders one ready-to-fire gun in their house.  Not outside.  Not on the porch.  Not even in the garage.

Chicago is struggling with gun violence that in the last month has seen 50-plus shootings in a single weekend.  Now it’s struggling with a Supreme Court ruling, too.

This Hour, On Point: guns, the Chicago story, and the Roberts high court.


Alex Keefe, reporter for WBEZ, Chicago Public Radio.

Lou Ransom, executive editor of the Chicago Defender.

Adam Samaha, professor of law at the University of Chicago. Helped the city of Chicago prepare oral arguments in the Supreme Court case of McDonald v. Chicago.

Eugene Volokh, law professor at UCLA. Founder and coauthor of the widely-read “Volokh Conspiracy” blog.

This program aired on July 13, 2010.

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