Small Biz Owners On Job Creation44:54

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Real job creators. Small business owners from across the country give us their take on the economy and American politics.

The Clarksville Foundry. (
The Clarksville Foundry. (

Everybody talks about small business these days. How great it is. How beleaguered it is. What a barometer it is of the health of the American economy. What a source of job creation it should be. And of course “job creators.”

That’s the mantra of opponents to a surtax on millionaires to pay for the middle class payroll tax break. But are small business people millionaires? And what do they think of Obama in Kansas? The GOP on Capitol Hill? The economy?

This hour On Point: our own small business roundtable on policy, politics, job creation, and the American way ahead.
-Tom Ashbrook


Joan Ecker, founder and owner of F.H. Clothing Company in Quechee, Vermont.

Charles Foust, Jr., president of the Clarksville Foundry.

Katie Tyler, founder and CEO of Tyler 2 Construction, a commercial construction company based in Charlotte, founded in 1983

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The New York Times "Senate Democrats said Monday that they would try for the fifth time in two months to raise taxes on top earners to pay for legislation that would reduce Social Security payroll taxes, as President Obama sought to keep Congressional Republicans on the defensive, asserting that their intransigence could cause a tax increase for tens of millions of American workers. "

USA Today
"Small business owners, take heed. If you've ever thought about advertising your company on the Web, some tech giants are offering help, much of it free."

Detroit Free Press "Utility bills are paid, legal briefs are filed and the Christmas shopping all gets done online. But for magazines, clothing catalogs and movies, the mail still matters."

This program aired on December 7, 2011.