D-Day Vet Remembers Normandy: 'With This Much Effort, We Must Win This War'

This Friday, June 6 is the 70th Anniversary of the Allied Forces' D-Day Invasion of Normandy in the tense middle years of World War II. The battle was a real turning point in the war against the Axis Powers, but it was also a massive troop deployment whose success was by no means guaranteed.

During our anniversary special on D-Day, we were fortunate to have Major Henry "Duke" Boswell, a former communications sergeant in the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division and a veteran of the Allied invasion on D-Day 70 year ago. He joined us from his home in Colorado Springs and reflected on the massive troop movement that helped turn the tide of the war.

"I looked out and looked down, and the Channel as far as I could see was covered with ships," Boswell told us. "Big ships, little ships. I think there might have been a few canoes going. It was just an amazing sight. And then when I looked up, the air was full of airplanes as far as I could see. I just had the feeling that with this much effort, we must win this war. We must. We can't allow anything less to happen."

And Boswell, 90, said he hopes he can help remind people today of the men he served with, many of whom have died in the 70 years since the war.

"I'd like for the public to remember the sacrifices that these men made," Boswell said. "They were willing to give their lives to defend us."

We thank Major Boswell and all the members of the 'Greatest Generation" living and dead who can look back on this historic day and historic battle seventy years on.

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