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Congressman, now novelist, Steve Israel turns a satirical eye at Congress and the war on terror in his new book. He’s with us. Plus: could Mitt Romney really run for President a third time? And will Jeb Bush run, too?

Congressman Steve Israel (D-MD) is also the author of a new satirical novel, "The Global War On Morris." (Courtesy Simon & Schuster)
Congressman Steve Israel (D-MD) is also the author of a new satirical novel, "The Global War On Morris." (Courtesy Simon & Schuster)

Even in a Congress that seems to do very little, being a Congressman would seem to take a lot of time.  But Congressman Steve Israel of New York has somehow managed to write a novel.  On his Blackberry, to start with.  Then his iPhone.  It’s about Washington.  It’s a satire - of course.  It’s about the war on terror gone goofy.  “The Global War on Morris,” is his title.  He’s with us.  This hour On Point:  Congressman, novelist, humorist Steve Israel on our crazy capitol.  Plus, we will look at the latest on Republican hats in the ring for the presidency, 2016, and the tale of Mitt Romney – maybe in again.
-- Tom Ashbrook


Rep. Steve Israel (D-New York), Congressman for New York's third district. Author of the new novel "The Global War On Morris." Former head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. (@repsteveisrael)

From Tom’s Reading List

Washington Post: ‘The Global War on Morris,’ a political satire by Congressman Steve Israel -- "Let’s be honest: The bar is low for a novel by a member of Congress. One feels grateful if the book doesn’t commit a crime or humiliate itself in a public restroom. So it’s an unexpected delight to find 'The Global War on Morris,' a political satire by Rep. Steve Israel (D-N.Y.), so spirited and funny."

The Wall Street Journal: Lawmaker’s Novel Sends Up the War on Terror -- "Rep. Steve Israel, a Democrat from New York’s Long Island suburbs, has written a satirical novel. 'The Global War on Morris' is a sharp departure from his previous books, both of them collections of historic speeches. This one, conceived as a comedic history of the war on terror, weaves actual events into the fictional story of Morris Feldstein, a Long Island pharmaceutical salesman mistakenly targeted as a terrorist by a homeland-security bureaucracy run amok."

Huffington Post: Kings of the Hill: Game of Thrones — "For those who follow politics like episodes of Game of Thrones, get ready for a blockbuster season when the new Congress begins this week. Cast with committee chairs who rule with the congressional equivalent of the scepter: a gavel. Think a congressional committee chair has no true power? Ask Maryland Democrat Elijah Cummings, whose words so incensed Darryl Issa that he commanded that Cummings' microphone be turned off. Stopping a congressman from speaking on CSPAN is as close as Washington gets to royal beheadings."

Read An Excerpt Of "The Global War On Morris" By Steve Israel

Bush vs Romney, 2016?

Karen Tumulty, national political correspondent at the Washington Post. (@ktumulty)

Washington Post: Romney moves to reassemble campaign team for ‘almost certain’ 2016 bid -- "Mitt Romney is moving quickly to reassemble his national political network, calling former aides, donors and other supporters over the weekend and on Monday in a concerted push to signal his seriousness about possibly launching a 2016 presidential campaign."

This program aired on January 13, 2015.


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