Meet On Point's Interns: Spring 2015

Even if you're a regular On Point Radio listener, you may not necessarily realize the number and type of folks working behind the scenes who help get the show on air each and every day.

Sure, we've got a crew of producers on deck, but we don't necessarily need your recognition. Our interns, however, don't get that regular notice, which is why we're taking a page from our friends at WNYC's very excellent Brian Lehrer Show and introducing you to the spring 2015 cast of On Point's hard-working, wonderful interns.

Our interns are a core part of the team here, pulling sound, pitching shows and keeping things running on a regular basis.  We'll be looking for a new class of summer interns in a few months, but for now, we're glad to introduce our spring 2015 intern class.

Araz Havan@arazhavan


Hometown: Lexington, MA

School and Major: University of Massachusetts, Amherst (Class of 2015) | Journalism ; French and Francophone Studies

A Thing About You That Has Nothing To Do With Radio or School:  I love to travel and read, and if I could ignore both responsibilities and finances to do both indefinitely, I would.

A Piece Of Audio That Means Something To You, and Why: Neil Young's "Harvest Moon" (especially when coupled with its goofy music video) is one of my favorite audio pieces. It feels timeless and sort of magical, from the little twinkling guitar riff to the harmonica that is quintessential Young, to the time I heard someone performing it in the Paris Metro. That, or the John Cena phone prank for the entertainment value.

Caitlin O'Keefe | @caiteokeefe


Hometown: Ipswich, MA

School and Major: Bowdoin College (Class of 2013) | English; Government

A Thing About You That Has Nothing To Do With Radio or School:  Spent the summer on a 5500 mile solo roadtrip.

A Piece Of Audio That Means Something To You, and Why: This bell buoy has marked the mouth of Ipswich Bay for years, and I love the idea that, regardless of where I am in the world, it is always ringing.

 Want to join the storied ranks of On Point Radio interns? Stay tuned: we'll be looking for summer 2015 interns in a few months!


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