Two Congressmen Weigh In On DHS Funding

The ongoing Congressional impasse over funding for the Department of Homeland Security and the President's embattled executive action order on immigration reform doesn't seem to be any closer to resolution today. We featured two members of Congress during our broadcast today, and their disagreements seem to indicate the divide will be mended before Friday's midnight deadline.

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio told us first that the shutdown threat could be resolved and DHS could be fully funded if House and Senate Democrats would allow House Republicans to remove funding from the President's recent executive action delaying deportation for thousands of undocumented immigrants.

Rep. Jordan repeatedly cited a ruling from a Federal judge in Texas that delayed the executive action as proof the funding battle was worth the wait for Republicans.

"We take an oath in Congress to uphold the Constitution, so how can we fund something has a judge said is unconstitutional?" Rep Jordan said.

Democratic Rep. Chris Van Hollen told us that he felt the argument was not appropriate for the Congress to decide.

"If Republicans in Congress want to weigh in on immigration reform, pass a bill," Rep. Van Hollen told us. He, and other senior Democrats, have pushed Congressional Republicans to present a bill that would allow for a "clean" funding mechanism for the Department of Homeland Security.

Funding for DHS runs out this Friday at midnight.


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