Our Week In The Web: March 11, 2016

Greetings, Internet! You might notice that sometimes our show topics change last minute — this Wednesday's switch to an extended conversation about Sen. Bernie Sanders' poll-defying victory in Michigan's Democratic presidential primary, for example — and sometimes we change the titles and photos involved with the program, too. (Honestly, this Wednesday's program on Sanders and the role of Turkey in the ongoing refugee crisis is the best, most recent example for this.) We're wondering if changes like this are confusing to you as a listener — especially our digital listeners. IS there an easier way to make these changes that doesn't shuttle content around on our website? We think there is, and we're eager to explore those choices on our brand new website -- the beta version of which is currently available for your use and critical feedback. We always of course want to hear from you, especially on these kinds of issues — let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook, Tumblr and @OnPointRadio.

The Most Listened-To Shows Online (March 4, 2016 — March 11, 2016)

1. Week In The News: Super Tuesday, Romney Hits Trump, Scott Kelly Returns Home (March 4, 2016)

2. Mitt Romney On Trump, Democrats Debate (March 7, 2016)

3. Sanders Scores Surprise Victory In Michigan Primary (March 9, 2016)

4. The Contested Convention Scenario (March 10, 2016)

5. Free Trade On The Campaign Trail (March 8, 2016)

Our Favorite Guest Quotes From This Week

"The apocalypse is an historic defeat with Donald Trump as the Republican nominee — losing the White House and the Senate." — Stuart Stevens 

"The thing that George Martin represents is a sense of the possibility of a kind of whimsy in music." — Maura Johnston 

"I wanted to have a travel show made by members of the LGBTQ community solely about that community." — Ellen Page 

"Turkey is more of an illiberal democracy, where the checks and balances are missing." — Omer Taspinar 

Our Favorite Comments (Facebook, Twitter and Disqus) From This Week

"there about a 100000000000000000% chance i listen to the on point collab podcasts. can't wait!" (Chris Stuck-Giard)

"The WORDSMITH @JackBeattyNPR with a gem: "the whiff of thuggery" on @OnPointRadio. #gamerecognizegame" (@ATuozzolo)

" I just want to say
Tom Ashbrook
is a great journalist.
Thank You" — (Mark Corkum)

Our Favorite Bit Of Internet This Week

The hashtag #MemeInHistory. (Twitter)


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