Caller: Trump is a 'Yankee moron,' but I support him

During our show on The Great Political Realignment Of 2016, Don from Whetstone, Kentucky called in to voice his support for Donald Trump. (17:04)

If you vote for Trump could it not just be that you’re a working dude who got destroyed by NAFTA like my old man? Couldn’t it just be like you’re one of my uncles who can’t dig coal anymore and Obama won’t let him? Can you not just be a family guy who’s got three kids and he’s trying to support who knows that the TPP is going to destroy more jobs? Can he not just be a guy working for a wage that you know is probably $3 less on the hour because there’s illegal labor all over the country. I mean, where’s common sense? (…)

Tom Ashbrook: Are you committed to the Republican Party? With that view of what’s going on people say- well, no one would sweep from the GOP to Bernie Sanders but you sound like you might.

Look, I’m a working man. I’ve worked 13, 14 hours every day. I got two jobs. I got three kids. I got a wife. You know, I’m not a misogynist. I got a mom, I like her. I got sisters, I like them. I got a wife, I really like her. So, I like ladies, I like women. I try to take care of them as best I can.

I’ve always voted Republican, and I vote Democrat on a state level because federal Democrats are out of their minds. But so are Republicans on the federal level now. I don’t care what party it is. Trump’s a blowhard Yankee moron. I get it. But he’s against NAFTA, he’s against the TPP, he doesn’t want to play empire. Pat Buchanan likes him- good enough for me.

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