Teens These Days: They're Running For Political Office

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(AP File Photo/Cliff Schiappa)
(AP File Photo/Cliff Schiappa)

With Tom Gjelten.

Move over career politicians. Teens are getting into the political game. Seven teens are running for governor in Kansas. Three of them join us.

Also this hour, we're talking about engagement among young people in the wake of the Parkland, Florida school shooting.

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Aaron Coleman, 17-year-old independent candidate for Kansas governor. (@lerpsss)

Ethan Randleas, 17-year-old Libertarian candidate for Kansas governor. (@randleas4gov)

Tyler Ruzich17-year-old Republican candidate for Kansas governor.

Peter Levine, associate dean and professor of citizenship and public affairs at Tufts University. (@peterlevine)

From The Reading List:

Topeka Capital Journal: House Members Weigh Age Requirements After Teens Run For Governor — "Six teenagers’ entrance into the race for Kansas governor has spurred action from lawmakers who would like to see only adults run for executive office."

In the 2014 mid-term elections, just one out of five young people bothered to vote. This year youth activism is the story. In Kansas, nine teenagers are running for governor, three of them from out of state. Kansas has no age or residency requirement for office. State lawmakers are scrambling to stop them. But the teenage candidates want their voices heard, and they say politicians haven’t been listening. In Florida, teenage survivors of a school shooting are mobilizing for gun control. This hour, On Point: Teen political power on the rise. --Tom Gjelten

This program aired on February 20, 2018.


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