First Person: Rolling Out The Virtual Bookshelves At The Brattle Book Shop

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Ken Gloss, the proprietor of the Brattle Book Shop. (Photo: Jeffrey Dunn)
Ken Gloss, the proprietor of the Brattle Book Shop. (Photo: Jeffrey Dunn)

Featuring Ken Gloss.

Like many businesses across the world, the Brattle Book Shop in downtown Boston is temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  But while you won’t be able to walk in and get a book right now, Ken Gloss, antique book dealer and proprietor of the shop, says you can take advantage of one of their other services.

Millions of people are practically living on Zoom right now. Or at least, it feels that way! So, Gloss is offering to bring the Brattle Book Shop’s antiquarian touch to your endless video conferencing life. Specifically, to those custom Zoom backgrounds.

Gloss says all he needs to know are the dimensions of the shelves and what kind of bookish images you’re trying to project.

The Brattle Book Shop will roll out the virtual bookshelves soon. What books would be in your Zoom background library?

This segment aired on April 20, 2020.

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