Imagine if, one day, you are accused of something. Something horrible, violent, heinous. Something you swear you did not do, and nothing you say can convince anyone otherwise — even the people closest to you.

That’s Sophia Johnson’s story.

Sophia was starting fresh: A new life, a new husband, a baby on the way. But it all unraveled on January 10, 2002, when her mother-in-law Marlyne Johnson was found bludgeoned to death in her home. Days later, Sophia was charged with the murder.

To this day, Sophia swears she didn’t do it. But someone says they witnessed it — her own brother.

When family betrays family, who do you believe? In this story of a sibling rivalry beyond compare, WBUR’s Amory Sivertson turns the clock back. She reexamines an unsolved case, a family torn apart, and a woman who wasn’t believed.

From WBUR and ZSP Media, Beyond All Repair is a 10-part true crime investigation into a cold case. The series ends with an answer.

The first two episodes of Beyond All Repair will drop on March 7, 2024. Listen and follow Beyond All Repair on Apple, Spotify, Amazon Music and wherever you get your podcasts.

Listener note: This show has descriptions of violence and strong language.

About the host:

Amory Sivertson is the host of the new podcast, Beyond All Repair (Liz Linder/WBUR)
Amory Sivertson is the host of the new podcast, Beyond All Repair (Liz Linder/WBUR)

Amory Sivertson is the host of Beyond All Repair. She's also the co-host and senior producer of WBUR Endless Thread. She's one of the founding producers of the Modern Love podcast and the former producer of Dear Sugars. Previously, she was the studio director and a producer for WBUR’s daily local news program, Radio Boston.

Amory is also an independent musician — you'll hear her mastery in this show's theme music!

About the team behind the podcast:

Beyond All Repair is a production of WBUR and ZSP Media.

Amory Sivertson, host/reporter, and senior producer at WBUR
Sofie Kodner, producer
Zac Stuart-Pontier, editor and executive producer, ZSP Media
Ben Brock Johnson, executive producer of WBUR Podcasts
Paul Vaitkus, mix, sound design, original scoring, production manager, WBUR Podcasts
Matt Reed, additional mix, sound design, original scoring, WBUR Podcasts
Samata Joshi, managing producer, WBUR Podcasts
Liz Stiles, managing producer, ZSP Media
Beth Morris, podcast art, BAM Create / ZSP
Shannon Dooling, additional reporting

Theme and credits music written by Amory Sivertson. Co-produced and performed by Amory Sivertson & Mike Moschetto.


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