Obama and Patrick - do they share similar messages?

Senator Barack Obama is gaining momentum across the country, running on a platform of hope and change. Sound familiar? Here in Massachusetts voters responded to those same campaign slogans and promises when they elected Governor Deval Patrick.

They both have political ties in Chicago, are alumni of the same law school and both are breaking race barriers in America.

We'll look into how similar their campaigns and backgrounds really are. What do you think? Did you vote for Patrick? Will you also vote for Obama? Or will you need more than a message of hope to cast your vote?


  • Todd Domke, Republican Political Analyst
  • Jeffery Berry, Professor of Political Science at Tufts University
  • David Kravitz, Co-Founder of Blue Mass Group
  • Adam Reilly, Political writer at the Boston Phoenix
  • Alan Solomont, Chair of the New England Steering Committee of Obama for America


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