Love Letters: Race And Dating In Boston

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Today's letter starts like this:

I am a young, black, college-educated professional who has lived in Boston for most of my life. I recently turned 30 and am ready to have a serious relationship with someone special, irrespective of race.

Yet this young woman says white men in Boston aren't interested in dating her.

It escapes me as to why black men are able to easily, quickly, and openly approach and date women outside of their race, yet it's so difficult and rare for non-black men to do the same with black women. When I go to NY, it's very common to see mixed race relationships involving black women. But, I almost never see that here in MA. Is it a geographical thing? Is Massachusetts just as conservative when it comes to dating?

Meredith Goldstein,’s “Love Letters” advice columnist, brings one reader’s quandary of modern love. We also speak with a Boston-area writer and relationship guru who has her own thoughts on this complex subject.



This program aired on August 19, 2010.


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