T. Berry Brazelton, Top Baby Doc, Looks Back

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Dr. T. Berry Brazelton in November 2006 (M. Spencer Green/AP)
Dr. T. Berry Brazelton in November 2006 (M. Spencer Green/AP)

He's an icon to generations of parents. The go-to guy for advice on how to calm a crying baby or soothe a tantrum-throwing child.

The world renowned pediatrician T. Berry Brazelton is 92 now. He has written 24 books and published more than 200 scientific papers. His contributions to the field of parenting match those of his predecessor, the noted child expert Dr. Benjamin Spock.

Brazelton primarily has been concerned with the bond between parent and child and with child's individuality. But in recent years, he has also focused on larger social issues. He has appeared before congressional committees to argue for parental leave bills and for more support for disadvantaged families.

Brazelton joins us to look back on his experiences as a doctor, a father and a son.

This program aired on September 6, 2010.


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