The Skyrocketing Cost Of College

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Endicott College alum Nicole Benson sits by a lake on the school's campus. When she graduated in 2007 her student debt totaled $90,000. (Monica Brady-Myerov/WBUR)
Endicott College alumna Nicole Benson graduated in 2007 with $90,000 in student loan debt. (Monica Brady-Myerov/WBUR)

College freshmen are moving into new dorms, meeting roommates, buying text books and starting classes. For many students, college is the first extended time away from home. But what they leave behind isn't just an empty bedroom. It's often a new and quickly growing pile of debt.

These days, a college diploma can cost $200,000 or more. For many families, that's too much to go it alone. And for this generation of college-bound kids, huge student loan packages are accepted — even expected.

We look at why tuition is as high as it is and what parents and students can do to pay for college.


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This program aired on September 9, 2010.


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