Wisdom From The Oldest Football Coach In The U.S.

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Bill Tighe, an 86-year-old football coach in Lexington, is the oldest high-school football coach in the country
Bill Tighe, right, is the oldest high school football coach in the country. (Facebook)

Imagine doing the same job since the Truman administration. Bill Tighe, an 86-year-old high school football coach in Lexington, has had his job for 62 years.

Tighe first began coaching in 1949, which makes him the oldest high school football coach in the country. He started in Wakefield, later coached in Malden, and in 1975 went to Lexington High School, where he's worked ever since. Thursday's Thanksgiving day game will be the last of his career.

Tighe grew up in Ashland, he now lives in Stoneham, and he came to our studio earlier this week to talk about what it's been like coaching football from the time he was 24 to well into his octogenerian years.


  • Bill Tighe, football coach, Lexington High School

This segment aired on November 25, 2010.


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