Missing, And Finding, Lucile: A Writer's Journey

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Newton novelist Suzanne Berne never knew much about her paternal grandmother, Lucile Kroger Berne, except that she died when Suzanne's father was a young boy. Lucile's death marked Suzanne's father's life, and he blamed much of his unhappiness on Lucile's premature departure.

Lucile Kroger Berne (courtesy Open Book Publicity)
Lucile Kroger Berne (courtesy Open Book Publicity)

Berne was curious about her grandmother, so she started digging. The product of Berne's search is her latest book, Missing Lucile, in which she tries to reconstruct her grandmother's life.

After years of searching, Berne is convinced that every family has a missing person — someone who died young or disappeared.  While the process of writing Missing Lucile helped Berne learn more about her grandmother, it also brought Berne closer to her distant father in ways she didn't expect.


  • Suzanne Berne, author, Missing Lucile


  • Read an excerpt from "Missing Lucile" (PDF)

This segment aired on November 29, 2010.


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