Spinning Real Life Tales Into A Boston History Theater

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New York historian Thomas Fleming has long had a love for Boston history. For Fleming, that affair started back in 1960, when he researched and wrote Now We Are Enemies, which some say is the definitive telling of the battle of Bunker Hill. The book led him to a long career of writing histories of the Revolutionary War and its heroes.

Now We Are EnemiesFleming was recently in Boston for a reading of his play "Fall of a Hero," about Dr. Joseph Warren. Warren was an early American patriot, born in Roxbury, president of the Massachusetts Provisional Congress. He was killed during the battle of Bunker Hill, near where the oldest continuously operating tavern in Massachusetts now stands, the aptly named Warren Tavern, in Charlestown.

We speak with Fleming about his love for Boston's history and his plan for creating a Boston History Theater where works like his could be performed.


This segment aired on December 30, 2010.


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