'Reality Is Broken': Video Games Can Change The World

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(sean dreilinger/flickr)
(sean dreilinger/flickr)

Jane McGonigal is a future thinking super-guru. She wants to change the world. She's not a doctor, though, or a human rights lawyer, or a non-profit CEO — she's a gamer. As in, video games.

"Reality Is Broken" by Jane McGonigal

McGonigal wants gamers to come out blinking into the sunlight and use their gaming skills to solve global problems. She's hoping they'll put down those Angry Birds for a minute and listen, comment and participate in the show.

PAX East, the big video gaming industry conference, is heading to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center this weekend. McGonigal says that all of the Farmville or World of Warcraft you, your kids and the conference attendees are playing could actually lead to positive things like an end to poverty and solutions to climate change.

Does McGonigal have a point? Can the skills millions use in video games make the world a better place?


This segment aired on March 9, 2011.


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