150 Years Of Invention, Innovation And Discovery At MIT10:59

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What do Click and Clack have in common with the fax machine? It turns out that all three are products of MIT.

MIT celebrates 150 years  (kun0me/Flickr)
MIT celebrates 150 years (kun0me/Flickr)

This year, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is celebrating its 150th anniversary. MIT is known for discovering and cultivating some of the world's most important innovations, including the transistor radio, colorized film and the very first email sent from one computer to another.

Reporters at the Boston Globe have sifted through 150 years worth of ideas, inventions and innovations from MIT and have picked what they consider the 150 most important. The list will appear in this Sunday's Boston Globe magazine.

We get a preview of the Globe's MIT 150 week with Scott Kirsner, the Globe's innovation columnist, and Doug Most, the deputy manager of features.


  • Scott Kirsner, innovation columnist, The Boston Globe
  • Doug Most, deputy managing editor of features, The Boston Globe


This program aired on May 13, 2011.