Boston's Museum Of Science To Explore Food, Health, Cooking And Science.

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On Saturday at Boston's Museum of Science the focus will be food: a day long festival of chefs, farmers and health experts talking about how food is produced, marketed and cooked; about how it makes us happy and
healthy, and how it can make us sick.

The Let's Talk ABout Food Festival is being organized by Louisa Kasdon, the food editor at the Boston Phoenix, with a long involvement in the city's food business.

Louisa Kasdon, founder "Let's Talk About Food" at the Museum of Science (Courtesy)
Louisa Kasdon, founder "Let's Talk About Food" at the Museum of Science (Courtesy)

Kasdon says the idea for the festival came to her after she saw the movie, "FOOD, INC.," which exposed some unsettling truths about our nation's food industry.

"I was sure that the movie was going to come out and the world was going to go crazy," Kasdon said. "So I was waiting for the big storm around the movie but it didn't happen."

So Kasdon convinced the Museum of Science to organize a private screening of the movie for members of Boston's food industry.

"Three hundred and fifty people showed up," she said.

That told her that there was "an inexhaustible appetite" for a community-wide conversation about food.

"People were eager to talk about school lunches, about the obesity crisis, about sustainable agriculture — about a whole variety of topics."

And so the festival was born. Kasdon says it will be something of "a five-ring circus," which will include demonstrations by chefs, farmers and food producers, as well as seminars and public discussions about everything from how to cook to how to promote sustainable agriculture.

By the way, Meghna and I will both be emceeing some of the events, so maybe we will see you there tomorrow.


This segment aired on June 24, 2011.


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