Bulger's Capture Not Shocking To Some Former Mobsters

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Most people — even long time residents — were shocked when they got the news that Boston's most notorious gangster was finally in federal custody. But not everybody in Southie was surprised that the FBI nabbed James "Whitey" Bulger.

"Deep in my heart, I always believed that they would in fact capture him," said Richard Marinick, a former South Boston gangster who knew Bulger. "I had heard for years that they guy was dead, that the FBI had killed him for whatever reason — but nothing seemed to ring true for me. And I believed in my heart. I always told people 'they're going to catch him.'"

Marinick was part of the Irish mob in the old days in South Boston. He knew Bulger and ran his own armed stick-up crew, eventually serving 15 years in prison for armed robbery.

These days, he works on the other end of the criminal justice system as a re-entry instructor at the Norfolk House of Correction. He's also written two novels, "Boyos" — whose hero is based on Bulger — and "In For A Pound."

Marinick believes that the FBI allowed Bulger to skip town in 1995 and then covered his tracks.


  • Richard Marinick, author

This segment aired on June 27, 2011.


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